iOS 15: How To Reset Your Apple ID Password By Calling A Trusted Friend, Relative

iOS 15: How To Reset Your Apple ID Password By Calling A Trusted Friend, Relative

Apple will launch its latest iPhone operating system, iOS 15 later this year. With iOS 15, Apple is bringing a host of new features and functionalities that are aimed to make iPhone users’ life easier. One such feature is Account Recovery, aimed at those who tend to forget their Apple ID password regularly. The Account Recovery feature in iOS 15 will allow iPhone users to call a relative or a friend who will give them a special code to unlock their account and reset password. Forgetting Apple ID password is a common problem among users. Further, the fact that Apple locks you out of your account after just a few incorrect attempts to log in, forcing users to contact Apple Support to be able to access your account and unlock all your devices.

With iOS 15, however, users will be able to recover their Apple IDs by calling a friend or a relative for help. To enable the feature, users need to select their trusted contacts. In order to do so, iOS 15 users will need to go into Settings > Password & Security > Account Recovery > Add Recovery Contact. A page will pop-up showing users exactly what Recovery Contacts can see or do with their account. Next, users need to click Add Recovery Contact at the bottom of the page. When prompted, users need to add their Apple ID password and follow the directions to select their recovery contacts.

After setting up Account Recovery Contacts, if users get locked out of their devices and can’t recall the password, they can call one of their Account Recovery Contacts, who will then use their own iPhone to obtain a short-code that they pass on to the user who is locked out. The iPhone user will then enter the number to open your account and be asked to come up with a new password.

The trusted contacts iPhone users will select in the Account Recovery feature will have to be at least 13 years of age. It is important to remember that the feature will be launched with iOS 15 that will be rolled out later this year.