Mortified mum admits she’s suffering sleepless nights over daughter’s name

Mortified mum admits she’s suffering sleepless nights over daughter’s name

When choosing a name, there’s a lot of factors to consider.

Making sure you like it is naturally the most important consideration but there are plenty of other things to worry about.

Something that’s become a major problem for some parents in the last ten years is the rise of hi-tech speakers – such as the Amazon Alexa.

When you hear the name nowadays, many people associate it with the Amazon device.

Millions of people globally rely on the digital assistant to give them the latest news, listen to music and order shopping.

But while it may be seen as a massive convenience for many, youngsters called Alexa aren’t always loving it.

In America, mum Lauren Johnson, from Massachusetts, USA, has started a campaign called Alexa is a Human to highlight issues she claims are faced by those with the moniker.

Now one mortified mum is desperate to change her two-year-old’s daughter’s name – because, you guessed it, she’s called Alexa.

Writing on Mumsnet, she explained: “‘I’m 100% certain she is going to be picked on, bullied and teased for being called this.

“I’ve briefly mentioned to my ex my thoughts and he is firmly of the thought her name isn’t to be changed.

“I honestly think if I went to court (and I would consider this), a judge would allow a change for my daughter’s sake.”

She added: “It’s a lovely name and it really does suit her, but recently I’ve had comments from kids and adults about it.

“Even my own bloody dad has bough at echo dot and thinks it’s hilarious when he talks to my Alexa and it answers.

“A friend primary aged kid asked if that meant he could tell her to sing songs for him like his Alexa does.

“I just feel like I’ve set her up for a lifetime of being told to turn the light off, or play 80s music or tell a bad joke.

“It’s hardly like Amazon is just going to change their name, is it? It’s honestly giving me sleepless nights.”

Fellow parents reassured the stressed mum that she didn’t need to change her daughter’s name.

One commented: “I imagine that as she gets older and technology is replaced that the Alexa won’t be Alexa for very long. Either that or everyone will have got one, it will be old hat and no adverts about ‘Alexa turn the light off’.”

“Naaaah that’s fine! It’s a proper name, it’s lovely and classic, yes it’s the voice thing but it wouldn’t even enter my head if I met an Alexa. A Siri, maybe,” added another.

A third commented: “I would just leave it for now, and if she decides to use another name when she gets a bit older then that’s fine. I think it is silly to change her name for such a ridiculous reason.”